webshots.sh -- readme

Webshots is a simple bourne/bash shell script that goes through a
list of links (or a webpage containing links) and uses mozilla,
scrot and imagemagick to make a screenshot of each page, as it is
displayed in the browser.

Nifty features:
- the link list can be a bookmarks file (in netscape format), 
  a page with google search results, or a list created by you 
  in HTML format
- filenames for the screenshots are generated from the link text
  (ie, the string between the <a> and the </a> tags)
- you can use it to document changes of a website or a list of pages: 
  use the same link list for each run, but change the targetdir argument,
  for example, to `date +%Y%m%d`

Usage: webshots.sh [-p prefix] [-d targetdir] controlfile.htm
Will call a mozilla browser at /usr/bin/mozilla in full screen mode for each
HTML link found in the control file and make a screen shot using scrot
at /usr/bin/scrot.
The -c option calls mogrify at /usr/bin/mogrify to crop the screenshot
to 1269x884+3+120, to e.g. remove window widgets or browser GUI elements.
(Binary paths, crop geometry can be edited at the start of the script).

The screen shots are renamed using prefix (if given) and the link text
from the control file, then moved to targetdir (if given). targetdir
must end in / (example: /foo/bar/)

A note on browsers: This works best with mozilla (not firefox). Open
one and zoom it manually to the desired window size, before starting this
script. (The arguments -width and -height don't work with the current
generation of mozilla browsers, therefore, you have to resize the browser
manually.) The script will use the existing window for all screenshots---
unlike firefox, that will open a new tab each time (which might get you
out of memory soon). Make sure the browser window is on top after starting
the script (you have 10 seconds do make it so). scrot makes a screenshot
of the whole screen, including other windows.

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